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  Paranormal Orbs

Before and After the Earthquake

We have been shooting paranormal orbs from Mar 31, 2008 to May 31, 2008. It is the first time that to take photos of orbs with holes, trench and abnormal shape. They stand in vivid contrast against these orbs captured before Mar 31, 2008 that looked very beautiful with round shape. We are very surprised at them. What happens? 5.12 earthquake make us aware that it is before and after this earthquake that these ugly orbs were taken. Don't these orbs have close connection with this earthquake?

When we take photos at different time and location, we always find that orbs appear in the picture. They mainly show round, and look multicolor with texture. Are they raindrop or dust? Why may they perceive the change of people¡¯s thinking? What on earth are they?
orbs with convex granules-1
orbs with convex granules-2
orbs with abnormal shape-3
orbs with abnormal shape-4
orbs with abnormal shape-5
orbs with abnormal shape-6
orbs with holes-2
orbs with holes-3
orbs with holes-4
orbs with holes-5
orbs with holes-6
orbs with holes-7
orbs with trench-1
orbs with trench-2
orbs with trench-3
orbs with trench-4
orbs with trench-5
orbs with trench-6
orbs with trench-7
orbs with gap-1
orbs with gap-2
orbs with gap-3
orbs with gap-4

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