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  Orbs Were Found in 191 Pictures

On Jan 28, 2009, a Spring Festival Gala Evening was held in the City Hall at 6:40pm. The Ambassador of the People¡¯s Republic of China and the Lord Mayor of the city celebrated the New Year with about 600 people. One-third of them are Chinese.

We planned to take photos for good memory. While we shot the photos, we found paranormal orbs. Were they celebrating the New Year with us?


When the Lord Mayor addressed, a big orb appeared behind him. We have taken 5 photos in the same direction, however, only this picture has orb -- the big orb.

The audience was deeply attracted by the Chinese traditional programs. Meanwhile, there was a bright paranormal orb floating in the hall.

When the performance ended, the staffs were busy clearing up stage props. To our surprise, there were more and more orbs at that moment.
Note: we covered the people's eyes for privacy

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